Panasonic launches 'world's lightest' active 3D glasses

Panasonic launches world's lightest active 3D specs this month
Panasonic launches world's lightest active 3D specs this month

Leading 3D TV manufacturer Panasonic has announced the "world's lightest" active 3D glasses in Japan this week, which is great news for prescription specs wearers who want to invest in a new 3D TV sometime soon.

Panasonic's launched the comfortable new TY-EW3D series from Panasonic in Japan this week, which the company is claiming are the world's lightest active 3D glasses to date. Other manufacturers, notably LG, are pushing passive 3D glasses tech for the home, which require no batteries, although it looks like Panasonic is more than happy to continue to push active 3D for the foreseeable future.

Comfortable, light 3D specs

So how heavy are we talking? A mere 26g for the small and medium sized specs and 27g for the large size. It may seem like a miniscule amount of weight different to other specs out there on the market, but if you have to wear 3D specs over and on top of prescription glasses, the weight is a major issue.

Panasonic's TY-EW3D are active 3D, with the manufacturer also claiming a decent battery life of three hours of usage on a two minute charge, or 25 hours of usage on a half hour charge.

So far these have only been announced in Japan, but we hope to hear more on UK release plans and pricing from Panasonic UK very soon.

We also don't know whether they will be universally compatible or remain locked to Panasonic 3D televisions.

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Adam Hartley