Now TV man talks pay-per-view football and Sky Atlantic

Now TV man talks pay-per-view football and Sky Atlantic
Sky's Now TV launching on July 17

Now TV director Simon Creasey expects to see the cream of Sky's entertainment content on the non-subscription platform, and suggested that key sports like Premier League football will be offered up in a 'different way'.

Sky's Now TV may be all about movies for now, but the prospect of sport and entertainment may well be the key factor in its success.

The prospect of pay-per-match football, test match cricket and the wealth of premium entertainment content currently being shown on Sky Atlantic, Sky One and Sky Arts is likely to appeal to the mass market.

Different way

Speaking to TechRadar at the launch, Creasey would not be drawn on the specifics beyond the announcement that sport will be available by the end of the year and entertainment in 2013.

"So we're not in a place to say when exactly when we launch or what the price or packaging will be," said Creasey.

"We will be bringing sports in a different way to how you would get it on Sky's platform we will be keeping it true to Now TV's principles of flexibility no contract and instant."

When asked directly about pay-per-match football, Creasey remained coy.

"We're not at the point now where we can confirm exactly what the package and pricing will be, but the principles are there in terms of the exact way we will package it together," he said.

Atlantic theatre

Entertainment content will be another draw, with Sky Atlantic perhaps the most critically lauded channel on digital television currently, and exclusive to the Sky subscriber platform.

Creasey told us that the premium entertainment content should indeed be available next year to non-subscribers.

"We're looking across the whole range of Sky entertainment and what we can bring in terms of channels and content and how we will package that," he said.

"Atlantic has been very successful on Sky's TV package and we will be looking to bring people that kind of content through Now TV."

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