Near half of you would rather watch on-demand than live TV

Broadcast TV is toast
Half of people would rather go on-demand

A global survey by Britain's biggest technology website has found that nearly half of people would rather watch TV on their own terms than sit in front of the gogglebox when their favourite programs are broadcast.

Hey...that's us! Yes, the results from the techradar survey are in and they provide a fascinating snapshot of how we all think about and use our technology.

By comparison only 26% of the global survey actually prioritised live TV viewing over its on-demand alternatives. That still includes people watching some non-live content, however, with only 9% sticking steadfastly to watching only live broadcasts.

The Luddites. Don't they know they're missing out?

Interestingly that's the same percentage of people who responded saying they didn't watch any TV at all. Best guess is they're the ones who still think torrenting is cool and doesn't count as television…

4K Sony Bravia

4K wants

There are also a lot of you out there writing to Santa asking for a new 4K Ultra HD TV for Christmas too.

In techradar's Christmas wishlist Ultra HD TVs take up two spots, fourth and fifth, in the top ten gifts you wanted to see under the tree this December 25th.

Two spots? That might seem greedy, but it's good news for Sony as more people specifically wanted a Bravia 4K UHD TV than simply wanted to bag themselves any other make of Ultra HD TV loveliness.

It's the Brits who have a more voracious appetite for an Ultra HD TV to really set off their living room with the rest of Europe having the least interest. Not surprisingly it was in Asia where almost a third of respondents wanted a Sony Bravia 4K specifically.