Wayne's World meets YouTube in Make.TV

Ditch your aerial and broadcast online with Make.TV
Ditch your aerial and broadcast online with Make.TV

If there are two things TechRadar can never get enough of, it's repeated bee stings to the inside of our eyelids and on-line amateur video.

So imagine our delight when we heard about Make.TV, a web-based television production and broadcast service that its German developers are offering to the great unwashed for a free trial.

The virtual TV studio seems impressively detailed, allowing you to hook up and switch between multiple cameras and video sources, chat with your various camera operators, integrate PowerPoint presentations or other media and even add internet interactivity from any viewers you might lure in.

Pr0n, of course

It appears that Make.TV will host and stream your live (or recorded) programmes, which you can choose whether or not to charge for. The entire process is handled through your web browser, so you shouldn't even need a massively overpowered desktop machine to edit the footage.

Somehow, the Make.TV team managed to write an entire press release without mentioning the adult entertainment industry, focusing instead on the possibility of political groups airing their views and opera houses televising their concerts.

Good luck with that guys. If Make.TV isn't a hotbed of interactive naughtiness within a couple of weeks, we'll eat our Emmys.

Mark Harris is Senior Research Director at Gartner.