UK Catch-up TV: the ultimate guide

BBC iPlayer - the ultimate in catch-up TV services
BBC iPlayer - the ultimate in catch-up TV services

Missed a lot of quality telly over Christmas? Fear not, as pretty much every major network now has a 'catch up TV' offering online along the lines of the BBC's mighty iPlayer.

Most of the major terrestrial and digital networks and channels will offer you the chance now to check out at least the last seven days (and in many cases the last month) of programming.

And while Aunty Beeb's iPlayer still rules the roost in terms of the quality of the service offered (not to mention its awesome compatibility with PCs and Macs, mobiles, PDAs, PMPs and even Sony's PSP!) most of the other catch up telly services on offer do a decent enough basic job if you are sat in front of a PC with a fast internet connection.

Soaps when you want them

So if you just want to check out the soaps you didn't manage to catch up on or want to carry on pretending that it is still Christmas by checking out all the Xmas day specials (and if you missed this year's Wallace and Gromit, watch it immediately!) then head over to's latest, fully comprehensive guide to all of Britain's catch up TV services.'s handy list links you straight through to all the recent TV you need, including all of the BBC channels, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 and is set to be constantly updated with new catch up telly offerings.

Adam Hartley