Here's what Sir David Attenborough thinks about the threat to the BBC

Sir David Attenborough - a legend
Sir David Attenborough - a legend

Sir David Attenborough, iconic naturalist and one of the most famous broadcasters on the planet has given his opinion on the current threat to the BBC.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, Sir Attenborough was asked about his opinion on the ongoing government investigation into the role and scope of the BBC.

The former BBC 2 controller said that, although change is necessary, the publicly funded corporation must remain a central part of the British television landscape, insisting that there are "always people in government who wish to change the BBC to suit their own purposes."

"Well I hope very much that the BBC's position as the major broadcaster in this country is protected," he said.

"It's clear that it has to change because the broadcasting landscape has changed, and we'll see how the BBC reacts to that in its proposals.

"Its aim is to get the best possible public service to the public and that's what it will be striving to do.


"The BBC occupies a central position in our society, everybody cares about it and the BBC does its best to fulfil its obligations."

Given that this historic broadcaster has been such a feature of Attenborough's truly stellar career, it's not unusual that he be such a supporter.

But, as one of Britain's most beloved voices, his opinion will clearly matter to a great many people.

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