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D-Link launches new HD PowerLine kit

The DHP-301 PowerLine HD brings the mystical 'digital home' one step closer to reality

D-Link has introduced a new super-fast 200Mbps PowerLine Ethernet kit. The company says that the introduction of the DHP-301 PowerLine HD has brought the mystical 'digital home' one step closer to becoming a reality.

PowerLine adapters take advantage of the electricity sockets in your home by transferring data between adapters plugged into wall sockets. This enables you to extend your network simply by tapping into your existing electrical wiring set-up.

D-Link says the DHP-301 is an ideal solution for bandwidth-demanding applications such as high-definition media streaming, music sharing and online multi-player gaming.

Connecting to the home network simply requires plugging one adapter to a router and the other to an Ethernet-ready device. This could be anything from a personal computer, high definition TV, digital video recorder, game console, print server or digital media player, such as D-Link's MediaLounge family of media streaming products.

Perfect for streaming HD video

Delivering data transfer rates of up to 200Mbps, D-Link's adapters should provide ample bandwidth for HD signals. It's ideal for situations where concrete walls, successive floors in multi-storied buildings,or other architectural impediments could inhibit a wireless signal.

"The PowerLine range is a natural complement to our popular wired and wireless home networking products, facilitating data transfer into areas of a home where traditionally it may have been difficult to run a cable, or achieve an adequate wireless signal," said Andrew Mulholland, D-Link marketing manager.

The DHP-301 PowerLine HD Ethernet Starter Kit is available now for around £130.

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