Google plotting Android-powered Nexus TV set-top box for 2014?

Google TV
Nexus branding could grow to television next year

Google is preparing to take TV on with gusto next year.

The word coming from The Information's Google employee source is that company is developing a "Nexus TV" set-top box that could launch as early as the first half of 2014.

The Nexus TV is said to run Android and stream video from the likes of YouTube, Netflix and Hulu. It supposedly won't live broadcast, which would side step a significant issue in coming to terms with cable companies and other content providers.

The set-top would also offer a selection of video games, according to the report. A "purpose-built touchpad remote" would be part of the package, though there was no mention of a Kinect-like sensor floated in earlier reports.

Nexus TV vs Apple TV vs Amazon TV

Of course, Google has already made several steps into the living room, most recently with Chromecast.

It's floundering Google TV platform is still alive (somewhere), though the Nexus Q has made no sign of making a return.

Meanwhile, competitors like Apple and Amazon are believed to be building their own TV ventures. Amazon's "Firetube" set-top was thought to be here before the holidays, and Apple has long been rumored to be developing a standalone iTV.

Little else is know about Google's Nexus TV or its release plans, though there is one more tidbit; Mountain View reportedly plans to "aggressively" price the set-top.

Stay tuned.

Via The Verge

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