Free zombies! Watch Fear the Walking Dead's premiere gratis

Fear the Walking Dead
Watch the UK premiere for free

The new prequel/spinoff from The Walking Dead TV show aired this weekend in the US, but you can check it out for yourself when the start of the zombie apocalypse hits these shores August 31.

And the best bit? You can watch the Walking Dead online for free.

BT TV has signed up the new AMC UK channel exclusively for its pay-TV network and with that comes Robert Kirkman's new show. But thanks to the BT Showcase channel on Freeview we'll all be able to watch the UK premiere for free.

Fear the Walking Dead is going to be broadcast on both the AMC from BT channel (yup, that's its full name…) and on BT Showcase on August 31 at 9pm.

The only place you'll be able to watch it in glorious HD though will be via BT TV itself.


We've heard good things about the new show, and given that it garnered a record-breaking 10.1 million viewers for its premiere in the US it's probably going to be worth a look if you've even a passing interest in the undead and their shambling ways.

AMC from BT has also announced a host of UK movie premieres for the channel too as well as first looks at the likes of Rectify from the producers of Breaking Bad.

And, speaking of which, AMC from BT will also be broadcasting the misadventures of Walter White later on this year and all seven series of Mad Men too.

These are interesting times for BT TV given the amount of exclusives it's starting to pile up. With the recent announcement of BT Sport's capture of the next Ashes series in Australia and the wholesale plunder of Champions League exclusivity too.

Sky must be starting to worry...