BT rebadges 'Vision' IPTV, hikes price

BT Vision - in the shadow of competitors
BT Vision - in the shadow of competitors

BT Vision has renamed its Freeview/VOD PVR, edged up its subscription prices and is planning to charge for the digital recorder.

The box will now be know as the BT Vision+ . It will continue to be made available free of charge for the first year to new broadband subscribers, but the connection fee of £30 has been dropped.

The monthly price of its Bronze viewing package will also rise from £13.70 to £14.68. BT says: "This is the first price increase since the launch of the value packs.

"In this time we have greatly added to our OnDemand content and extended the TVReplay service to cover all 5 terrestrial channels."

Silver and gold

The monthly cost of the Silver and Gold packages remains static at £17.61 and £19.57 respectively.

BT admits it will also levy a one-off payment of £90 for the box when a customer renews their broadband subscription. If they choose not to renew, BT says it will levy a charge of £194 .76 for the unit.

Speaking on its forums, BT explained: "The higher price only applies to customers that are out-of-contract for broadband and choose not to commit to us for a further 12 months.

"We previously provided a VBox and Powerline set for free, only to see these sold again on auction sites.

"To keep the prices down for customers that are willing to make a commitment to us we felt it was fair to ask a reasonable price from those that choose not to commit."

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