BT TV App takes on Sky Go and Ultraviolet

BT launches TV Everywhere app and buy-to-keep movies for your devices
BT TV Everywhere

BT has launched a new TV Everywhere service and announced that its buy-to-keep service is going multi platform - meaning that those people who buy a movie through their set-top box will be able to watch it on up to four devices.

Using its own new BT TV App, people who have bought a movie through its YouView or Vision+ services can download or stream their purchase on their phone, tablet or computer.

The app is launching on Apple and Android and will also be the home of the TV Everywhere which will allow streaming of TV channels to the device.


It will come free as part of BT's multiroom 'extra box' offering which is priced at £5 a year plus another chunk of money for the box.

This is, of course, BT's competitor to the now familiar Sky Go app, although the addition of the digital locker element for purchased movies is an interesting one.

Sky's own buy-to-keep service offers a DVD rather than a digital device edition, but you would imagine that this could evolve if BT gains purchase.

Movie pricing apparently 'starts' at £3.99 for SD and £5.99 for HD (we don't know where it finishes) and includes titles such as 12 Years a Slave, Divergent, Despicable Me 2, Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

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