BBC HD 'moving in right direction' this autumn

More shows added to the BBC HD roster
More shows added to the BBC HD roster

The BBC has announced its autumn hi-def schedule, a line-up the broadcaster's Head of HD, Danielle Nagler, thinks is more in keeping with the 'BBC HD promise'.

On the BBC internet blog, Nagler candidly explains: "When I started as Head of BBC HD a year ago, I was concerned at what I perceived as the gap between the BBC HD promise - the best content from the BBC - and the reality. I also felt that the channel broadcast was limited and unpredictable.

"Those concerns haven't entirely gone away - and as contributors to this blog you frequently remind me of them too. But looking at the autumn schedule I do feel that we are moving in the right direction and I would hope that you agree."

HD line-up

The autumn schedule is certainly a mixed bag of BBC content, comprising children's shows, prime-time drama and some Sunday tea-time favourites.

The pick of the bunch has to be Strictly Come Dancing – one of the channels flagships shows. For the second time, the sequin and sparkle friendly show will be filmed in HD.

Other HD content for the channel includes the Antiques Roadshow (so you can get a clearer view of people's disappointed faces when they are told their grockle is worth nada), Hole in The Wall, Waterloo Road and The Thick Of It.

The BBC is also expanding the HD Doctor Who universe, with The Sarah Jane Chronicles, and it is making sure the scares are plain to see in the channel's new horror series Harper's Island.

Other shows include:

As for the lack of Top Gear in HD, Nagler doesn't give anything away about when we will se the show in hi-def but does say: "Please don't feel your thoughts/pleas/paeans of praise for Top Gear have disappeared into the ether, or into my recycling bin. I really value your contributions to our thinking, and hope to be able to update you very soon.

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