BBC confirms that iPlayer is coming to Apple TV (at last)

BBC iPlayer

The BBC has announced that it's bringing its iPlayer to the new Apple TV, approximately one billion years after Apple TV users started requesting a native app.

Cupertino's new set top box launches tomorrow, but the iPlayer won't be available from day one. In a statement the BBC said its catchup service will come to the new Apple TV "in the coming months".

The fact that the statement says "new Apple TV" suggests it won't be on older models - but we've asked the BBC for clarification.

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The absence of iPlayer on Apple TV has been especially felt given that it's available on Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Sky Now TV box and even games consoles.

Right now, Apple TV owners can stream iPlayer content to their box via iPhone or iPad, but it's an annoying workaround.

Part of the reason for the BBC's U-turn is possibly because the new Apple TV offers users recommendations based on voice searches, but only for native apps.

The announcement was also perhaps hinted at in the BBC Trust's recent statement on the distribution of the company's services, which came out earlier this week: "The BBC should also be open to facilitating innovations made by third-party platforms and device manufacturers which may benefit audiences, and are consistent with the principles and requirements of this Framework"

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