Australian TV classification receives massive overhaul

TV classification overhaul

The Australian television landscape has changed more rapidly in the last 12 months than it did for the entire decade that preceded it – thanks to the influx of SVOD services, and the likes of Telstra TV and the latest generation of Apple TV.

And to keep up with TV's new world order, the Australian Communications and Media Authority has approved some key changes to the way TV is classified. Yes, Netflix, Stan, and Presto have a lot to answer for.

These streaming services give viewers access to all the violence, sex, bad language, and drug use they can handle – just have a look at the best Netflix TV shows and the 25 best shows on Stan for proof – and at any time of the day, too.

Won't somebody think of the children

As a result, the old restrictions on broadcast TV are being loosened. Programs with an M rating can now be broadcast from from 7:30pm (previously 8:30pm), and MA15+ shows can now be broadcast from 8:30pm (previously 9:00pm).

That means it's easier for us all to get our daily dose of unsavoury fare with or without an SVOD subscription.

The classification changes also mean that PG shows can now be broadcast all day, and alcohol ads are banned prior to 8:30pm (unless during a sports program on the weekend or public holiday – but of course).

For a comprehensive list of all the changes, check out the ACMA website.