Apple event on September 7, new Apple TV rumoured

Apple TV - changes ahead
Apple TV - changes ahead

Apple is reportedly in 'advanced talks' with News Corp over putting its content on iTunes, with an event on September 7 likely to be the launch-pad for the rejigged Apple TV service.

With Apple widely rumoured to show off an overhauled television service (which almost certainly won't be called iTV in the UK), the event will also focus around a new iTunes rental service, as well as the new iPod Touch, according to news wire Bloomberg.

Apple TV, iPod Touch and the rental service will all benefit from a deal with News Corp. which has a major stake in British satellite broadcaster BSkyB.

Apparently viewers will be able to rent News Corp's Fox content for 48 hours for 99 cents (around 65p, but likely to be priced at 69p should it make it across the Atlantic).


Apple's television strategy has been much discussed in recent weeks, with a revamped service always on the cards considering the success of the digital media shopping centre of iTunes and the explosive growth in Apple hardware.

Apple TV launched back in 2007, but the latest iteration is rumoured to be less PVR and more streaming media – as the company looks to the cloud and the forthcoming arrival of Google TV.

In the UK you can add Project Canvas to that list of competitors, with the BBC-led partnership with Arqiva, BT, Talk Talk, Channel 4, Channel Five and ITV likely to be a major hitter in television over IP on these shores.

Doubts from content makers

But, there remains doubts about a subscription model, with television companies still making huge amounts of cash from reselling their content – be it on DVD and Blu-ray or to broadcast platforms such as cable and satellite.

Indeed, Google TV - a television service from the search giant - is reportedly struggling to find major partners because of the fears over easily accessible content and what effect it will have on the producers of programmes.

One thing is for certain, and that it that the eyes of the tech world will be focused on San Francisco when Steve Jobs takes to the stage.

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