56% of UK people want watch-anywhere movie option

Movies on a mobile? Yes please, as long as I can watch them on my TV too
Movies on a mobile? Yes please, as long as I can watch them on my TV too

The UK public has spoken and demanded – well ticked 'yes' in a survey – that it wants to watch media on a number of devices and switch seamlessly between them.

The report by QuickPlay Media found that 55 per cent of those surveyed have an interest in multi-screen services that let them watch a programme on one device and then seamlessly switch to watching it on another.

This essentially means that they want to be able to look at content on their TV then switch to the same content on their mobile phone when they got out / need to go to the toilet.

Out of the people polled, 70 per cent also said that they would come around to the idea of watching movie and TV content on their mobile phone and 56 per cent admitted that they already do.

Price point

This isn't surprising, considering the number of new handsets coming to the market which house 3.5-inches or higher screens, some of which are OLED.

The big bugbear for many is price, though, with 68 per cent of those asked stating that this was the reason they had not yet used their mobile to watch TV or video services.

The idea of multi-screen viewing is still a pipe dream at the moment – unless you physically get the content off of your TV and on to your handset.

With the proliferation of digital copies and news that Disney is looking into exactly this type of media model, however, it may actually become a mainstream realisation sooner rather than later.

Marc Chacksfield

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