iPad 2 set for massive sales, suggests TechRadar poll

iPad 2 - massive buzz
iPad 2 - massive buzz

TechRadar has been running a poll for the last four days asking if you were likely to be buying an iPad 2 - and with the launch just hours away the results are hugely positive for Apple.

More than a thousand votes in just a few days have been cast, and, as you would expect with any device, the majority of you are fairly clear that this isn't your cup of tea.

In fact, at the time of writing, 53 per cent of the votes answered the question of 'Will you be buying an iPad 2?' with the answer 'No no no'.

One in five

But, impressively, a whopping 19 per cent stated that they WOULD be buying an iPad 2 and a further 23 per cent suggested that they might if the device reviewed well.

The fact that nearly half of those that voted would even consider forking out hundreds of pounds for the latest tech from Cupertino is a massive testament to just how influential Apple technology has been in the past decade.

The original iPad has proven to be a massive hit for Apple, and the follow up will bring improvements that will no doubt add to the brand's popularity.

Alternative tablets to the iPad have also become huge business, with manufacturers like Samsung, BlackBerry-maker RIM and HTC all hoping to wrest market share back from Apple.

But, If the poll is representative of the true interest in the iPad, then it could prove to be a massive year for Apple.

We're going to leave the poll running for a few more days to see how the actual iPad 2 launch affects things - so if you have yet to cast your vote then it's on the right hand side of every page.

Patrick Goss

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