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Strava hopes to steal athletes away from Facebook with Club Events

If you're someone who likes to organize lovely runs with chums, but you struggle to let everyone know where to meet and when, Strava is trying to solve that issue.

The popular app among cyclists / runners / hikers / canoeists has just added in new functionality allowing users to create events among your clubs.

So if you're a member of one of the world's greatest running clubs, then you can set up a place to meet, a time and a route if you create it on the desktop ahead of time.

It's pretty simple to set up, and you can choose terrain or the 'level of difficulty' – beginner, intermediate or advanced – so people know what to expect.

If you're a regular runner of the same routes with pals, you can set it to repeat, and there's even an option to make it women-only.

Again, again!

Once set up the app will email all the members of the group, allowing them to accept straight away, so you'll have a good idea of numbers.

Obviously, this will only work if all members of the real-world group you're part of are on Strava and part of a pre-defined club within the app, so it might not replace Facebook if you want to be totally inclusive.

But if you've got a bunch of friends who regularly meet up to run, this looks to have simplified things well.