WWDC 2015: all the information as it happened

10.00 It's go time. 'David LeGary' is talking about his 'vision' for the opening of WWDC.


09.55 - We're being told that it's about to start and to turn off all phones. Ha. Good luck.

09.51 - Not much happening still - people are stressing about the WiFi A LOT and there are a lot of Apple execs around. Standard WWDC stuff.

09.44 - Zane Lowe just wandered past. Wearing a leather jacket. Probably to hide the sweat of the new streaming service that's about to be announced.

09.39 - Jony Ive is here. He's wearing a cotton blue number atop his broad shoulders. #fashionwwdc

09.36 - Settled in my seat and there's a definite aroma of mint around. And a fancy shower gel. I think it's someone sitting near me.

The girl next to me is frantically messing around with DNS settings as the WiFi is a bit patchy here, so if I suddenly stop typing mid-senten

09.20 - CONFIRMED: Macs will be involved at some point in today's keynote.

WWDC 2015 live blog

Prize if you can name the exact models

09.10 - "The epicenter of change" apparently. Wish it read "epic center" - would have been cooler.

WWDC 2015 live blog

But what does it mean?

09.00 - We're here! The sun is out, I'm in shorts and there's a spring in my step. Now to go and sit inside for several hours in a windowless room. Oh.

WWDC 2015 live blog

Not a (i)cloud in the sky

WWDC 2015 live blog

Into the belly of the dragon

08.15 - The latest image in the Apple store highlight's the firm's four core products - Watch, iPhone, iPad and MacBook - and you can expect all of them to get a mention today.

Apple products

05.47 PDT - As the sun rises over San Francisco we wonder how Google is feeling today. Can Apple compete with Android M? How many times will Tim Cook say gorgeous? What ever happened to scarf guy?

04.21 PDT - BIG NEWS. Tim Cook is awake. He's like a kid on Christmas, knocking on his parent's bedroom door as they tell him to "go back to f***ing bed" - in this case though, the parent is Jony Ive, and Jony loves a lie in.

Tim Cook is awake

You up yet?

03.00 PDT - Just seven hours to go until Tim Cook takes to the stage at Moscone West - wonder how he's sleeping?

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