WWDC 2015: all the information as it happened

10.52 - Apple's launching 'News'. It's content from multiple sources personalised to users. Publishers can create content with typography, graphics and more.

Susan Prescott is coming onstage now to talk about this new development. She's 'Really Excited'.

10.51 - A lot of cities at the start: London, Berlin, Baltimore, Washington DC, New York and more. Plus you'll find info on whether they support Apple Pay too. TIE IN KLAXON.

10.48 - Maps isn't being killed! 5 billion user requests per week - 3.5x more than Google Maps. Although that's probably because each time you use it, Apple Maps shows you the wrong place.

Transit is coming to map, emphasising the locations nearby with lines that run through them. This isn't going to be groundbreaking for anyone that's used Google Maps in the last five years.

Apple reckons it's taken the time to make it better though: Apple has surveyed all the entrances and exits so you can actually get out properly. THAT'S really useful.

10.47 - Notes is getting overhauled too - with sketches in there, links or pages from Safari, you can add a link with a tab right into your app.

10.45 - Rewards are coming too - but bigger news: Apple Passbook is becoming Apple Wallet . Kinda funny, given most other Wallet services from rivals have been canned.


10.44 - Apple Pay is coming to the UK NEXT MONTH! 70% of the debit cards will support it! Boots! Waitrose! THE DREAM IS COMING.

And even TFL is getting onboard. This is great news for contactless payments in general - the UK is already well set, but having this on a phone is really going to galvanise it. Come on Samsung / Android, you're up next.

10.42 - More than 1 million Apple Pay merchants next months. Developers are seeing a 2x increase in merchant transactions through Apple Pay, apparently. Seems a lot.

Etsy, Pinterest and more are involved. Pinterest's mooted payment system is going to use Apple Pay and only on iOS.

Apple Pay

10.41 - There's a lady on stage! Jennifer Bailey. But Apple Pay is being talked about - Discover is getting on board in the US. It's always the US.

More brands, including JC Penney's, or Cleveland Cavaliers or Golden State Warriors, are allowing you to use Apple Pay. Square, the mobile payments reader, can take Apple Pay too.

10.38 - The phone's search is a lot more powerful than before. You can easily do things like see Siri suggestions for contacts that are relevant, or get info on comparing weights etc.

He just called Siri your assistant. Cortana burn again.

Good news is the privacy is safe, according to Apple. Apparently 'we don't want to know your info' - everything is either anonymous or on your device.

10.35 - Getting another lol-tastic demo from Craig. When he wakes up and meditates each morning, the app will be ready and waiting. Then he gets a message asking him to do something, he can tell Siri 'remind me about this'.

Then he heads to his gym, when he plugs headphones in. The music app pops up - but MAN, he gets an invite in an email. And it's already in his calendar! WHAT?

10.33 - Spotlight is a lot deeper now. You've got rich snippets for things like sports scores, video content and more - it's very Google Now.

10.32 - If you get a call with someone you don't know, Siri will scan your email and see if there's anything in there that might be relevant and suggest it. It seems weird that it doesn't do what Google does and search the net for it.


10.30 - there's been a 40% reduction in word error rate for Siri - down to just 5%. You can ask it a lot more like 'show me photos from London last June' and it'll have a look for you.

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