WWDC 2015: all the information as it happened


11.34 - Maps is on there with mass transit directions, and Siri is getting in on the act too. Or you can get Siri to change the lighting in your house, if you're one of the one people that have a Homekit enabled house.

11.33 - Siri is getting involved too - you can say 'Go for a run' or 'Start a 300 calorie bike ride' without having to touch the Watch. That's cool - plus there are new achievements too.

If only it had GPS onboard - this would be a really awesome fitness watch.

11.31 - There's a night stand mode too - meaning you can use the digital crown to snooze or cancel the alarms.

You can also add more people to your Favorites right from the Watch - finally. That's more pictures of penises - and with more colors now too!

11.29 - New Complications to give more information accessibility to developers - so you can see car charge, HomeKit devices and more. Time travel is coming to the Watch too, so you can cycle forward and see what's happening.


11.27 - New watch faces coming - photos app throws your pictures in. Or you can have timelapse photography so you can have the right time of the day showing when you look. It's really nice - the Apple Watch might not be our best smartwatch at the moment, but it's certainly the most impressive looking.

Watch OS

11.26 - The new watchOS will have new capabilities and bring native apps to the wrist - Kevin Lynch is back again. This man says he is super excited, but he doesn't sound it. I thought he had a cold last time.

11.25 - Cook is talking about the opportunity to change things next - we're talking about watchOS. Cook just called it a 'giant moment' to bring native apps to the Watch.

Woo, you won't need the phone!

11.22 - This is quite a stereotypical Apple video. Talking about 'bringing music to deaf children', 'taking the classroom with you', and big statements about how it all emotionally connects. All to a thumping soundtrack.

11.20 - Someone just compared the App Store to the industrial revolution - and said it was bigger. And pointed out that it had more users than electricity at the start.

Yeah, but there were fewer people alive back then. And it was more expensive. AND IT WAS FRICKING ELECTRICITY - you know, the thing that Apple uses.

This is close to The Beatles' 'bigger than jesus' quote.

11.18 - Cook is so dramatic. He's clearly building to something bigger - perhaps a music streaming service? But first - a video so we can all try and catch up with the typing.

iOS 9 full download

11.17 - 100 billion app downloads from the App Store. That's a high number. FACT. And $30 billion has gone to developers.

11.15 - iOS 9 coming for developers now, a public beta in July and the rest of the world in the fall. And it'll support all the devices that could use iOS 8 - so everything back to iPhone 4S and iPad 2, which is pretty good.

Key question: will the experience be any good? It usually gets terrible on old devices... but you should probably upgrade the iPhone 4S if you're still using it.

Tim Cook back up now wrapping up. Classic Cook.


11.13 - Swift 2 is here. I'm praying a Taylor clone is coming on stage.

Wait, no, it's about developer things. Protocol extensions and stuff about Xcode. Uh-oh. Apple thinks this is the next big coding language that we'll be using for the next 20 years.

Apple is announcing that Swift is going to be open source, allowing people to put it on all kinds of machines. The room just lost its shit. There's a kid in the scholarships section whose jaw literally dropped open. It's coming for Linux.

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