WWDC 2015: all the information as it happened

You can set reminders too - like when you're in a car, as it can tell when you're in an auto now - and it can contextually be reminded on things like links by just saying 'this'.

But in iOS 9 is going to be pre-emptive. Your iOS 9 device will learn and do things like open your music first thing in the morning when you usually go for a run.

This is a smackdown to Cortana.

10.28 - Onto iOS. iOS 8 was a good thing, apparently, with an 83% of active iPhone users using the latest OS.

Then we see the Android 5 adoption rate. It's pretty low at just over 12%.

10.27 - Epic coming offstage now. Craig-o is back now, telling us that other developers are coming in - Unreal Engine, The Foundry and Blizzard.

That's El Capitan, improvements to both the UI and performance. And it's available to developers today. There will be a public beta in July and rolling out with a free update 'this fall.

10.25 - We're looking at a demo now - apparently it's 70% more efficient on the CPU. A man just hit a monster with a guitar.

'We're going to need a bigger fort'. Clever wordplay.


10.21 - Metal - the slicker graphical element in iOS - is coming to Mac now. So apps on the computer will be a lot more effiecient. Adobe came in and was able to deliver 8x improvement in some of its apps, and take UI that was non-interactive and make it interactive thanks to Metal.

OS X apps will be coming with this new feature if brands want to use it.

Also it brings 10x performance in drawing performance. Epic are coming onstage. Josh Adams and Billy Bramer are coming on for a demo.


10.19 - Side by side window management is improved, with more ability to drag stuff from one to the next and see an exploded view. It's like how the Samsung dual window function is supposed to work on a phone, but it's much easier to use on a Mac.

You know, because it's bigger. Hmm... that's it for the 'improvements' in EC. Spotlight is more powerful, swiping to delete in mail, pinned sites in Safari and the ability to mute apps, Notes app that can support better font management and better window management to deliver an improved Mission Control and Split View to get more shiz done.

10.17 - Window management - aka the sexy part of the conference. You can open tabs in compose, drag photos into a mail window and... well... that's it. People still clapped it.

10.15 - Pinned sites in Safari now have more power - if a website starts playing music you can tap the icon at the top to mute all tabs to make sure you can stop the embarrassing sounds.

Talking through Spotlight too - it's more intuitive so you can ask things like 'Documents I worked on last June' and they'll pop up.

10.13 - Going through EC now - the first big things of the process. Number one is the cursor goes massive when you turn on the screen so you can find your cursor.


10.12 - Craig Federighi is onstage doing his usual jokes onstage about marketing teams. But here's the name: OS X El Capitan.

10.10 - Confirmation of native apps coming to the Watch OS and we're going to hear a lot more about OS X and iOS.

10.08 - Tim Cook is talking about balls. Baseballs. Apparently something with baseball happened and the rich baseball players wanted Apple stuff and so Apple gave it to them. Thank god.

10.04 - It's really Bill Hader. There's a lot of actual funny going on in this beginning - Danny Pudi is in it, there's a joke about Windows, free Watches. And now Tim Cook is here!

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