WWDC 2015: all the information as it happened

He's also struggling with the autocue a lot too.

12.00 - Drake is on stage now. He's honored to be on stage. He's going to tell us all about he is going to use Connect to tell all his fans. He's doing some stand up now 'The internet is what we use in the rap world, it's going to be big this year, you see'.

Tuck your shirt in, Drake.

11.57 - It's Zane Lowe on video. All about how Beats One is coming from New York, LA and London, bringing music that people who love music have put together.

11.54 - Connect will allow anyone to connect - from the new to the established, allowing anyone to share their music to everyone instantly. It's designed to make it accessible to anyone - although there are big question marks on how you'll be able to cut through the noise.


Eddy Cue is up to talk about the service from a developer point of view.

11.49 - Apple Music is going to have radio from actual DJs, streaming music from the iTunes library, and combining it with the local files. Plus, in a way that shows Apple never really gave up on Ping, you can follow artists too from within the app.

''All the ways you love music, all in one place". Connect allows you to share a load of things in one, music, mixes and more plus with more people actually curating lists. Beats One is the new kind of radio, allowing you to get the best music you want next - it's a 24 hour station from three cities around the world, and it's 'only playing music that makes you feel great'.

11.48 - He's telling us how he was impressed with how easy it was to buy music in 2003 through Apple. He's properly talking about them in hushed tones.

Iovine just called the music industry a 'fragmented mess', pointed out that music streaming, music vids and following artists was all over the place.

11.46 - Apple Music is announced. And it's 'the next chapter in music'. To hear more about it - Jimmy Iovine is here.

11.45 - Video time now. Its about the history of music. Gramophones and shit like that. All to a thumping drum track.

11.44 - 'We love music...' Oh balls.

11.43 - WatchOS 2 is available to devs today, and coming to the rest of the Watch family this fall.

Tim Cook is back again now. Please let this end soon. But he's totally going to announce a music streaming service soon. I'd pay him money to not do that now. Probably couldn't afford it though.

He's just said One More Thing...

11.41 - Looking at how the native apps actually work - they're a lot faster than before. You can also reply to emails using Siri just by opening it up and saying 'Reply' and whatever panicked message you give when you realise you have to get it right first time.

11.38 - Demo time now. This is never going to end.


11.36 - The Apple Watch will also be able to use your Wi-Fi networks autonomously - that's something that took Android Wear a long time to do.

You can now access the microphone and the speaker in native apps too, if you're a Watch dev. And even show short form video on the Watch. Can't ever see that being good.

But better news: you can grab heart rate data for third party apps, so you'll have access to the zone training you're in for something like Strava.


11.35 - There's more - WatchKit is up for the chat. Man, I keep forgetting how tired I get from WWDC live blogs. THEY SAY SO MUCH.

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