iOS 7 Controller Showdown: Which is Best?

It took a few months, but the first supported controllers began launching before the end of the year, and three have trickled out to date: MOGA's Ace Power for iPhone/iPod touch, the Logitech PowerShell for iPhone/iPod touch, and the SteelSeries Stratus for any iOS device. Each is distinctly designed and offers its own respective array of input options and other features, though all three arrive at daunting price points. Is it worth being an early adopter, or should you wait for the next round of options?

We've got full reviews of all three between our current and upcoming print and digital issues, but if you're thinking about investing in an iOS 7 game controller now, here's a concise look at the strengths and weaknesses of each, complete with our review scores from the full appraisals.

MOGA Ace Power ($99.95)

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MOGA made a name for itself in the Android market with appealing phone controllers, but the Ace Power marks its first foray into the iOS peripheral world. When closed, the Ace Power looks much like a compact console gamepad – complete with a pair of analog sticks — albeit with an opening in the center. Pull on both ends, however, and it stretches out wide enough to snugly hold an iPhone or iPod touch, which connects via the Lightning port. That also allows the controller to charge your iOS device via its built-in 1800mAh battery pack.

Logitech PowerShell ($99.99)

Logitech's PowerShell is similar in philosophy to MOGA's controller, with a design built to encase your iPhone or iPod touch and a 1500mAh battery built in to charge the iOS device during use. It's sturdier than the Power Ace and feels a bit more premium in build, but it's functionally a much simpler option, with only a d-pad, four face buttons, and two shoulder buttons. Luckily, the buttons are very responsive and work perfectly.