Windows 7: What'll be in Microsoft's next OS

The post-Vista version of Windows (dubbed Windows 7) will probably be available in 2010

A potential features list for the next-generation of Windows has leaked online.

Known only as Windows 7, the successor to Windows Vista is expected to arrive sometime around the 2010 timeframe. Microsoft isn't exactly known for keeping to its launch dates, but it is likely to clear up its act after the criticism aimed at the late-running Vista launch.

Neowin has posted a PNG file of proposed changes to the Windows OS. Microsoft often asks its circle of testers what they would like in forthcoming versions.

While the list is no firm indicator to what would actually be in a post-Vista OS, there are some interesting enhancements that have been requested.

DivX support for extenders

Some, such as backing up Xbox 360 games to a PC, simply won't happen while others, such as creating a 'My Email' folder in Documents and Settings, are personal preferences which probably aren't warranted for mass adoption.

Other suggestions, such as 'rotate JPG files according to EXIF information' have already been fixed in Vista (praise be!) and are simply legacy ideas from an XP-weary age.

More interesting ideas include a 'restore session' feature for IE to mirror Firefox; a virtual desktop feature (like Spaces in OS X Leopard); a built-in codec manager; the ability to have multiple taskbars for multiple screens and - no surprises here - the ability for Media Center and Media Center extenders to support DivX and XviD (which might already be on the cards - see What's in Microsoft's Xbox 360 fall update?)

As for us, it has to be the ability to 'pin' tabs in Internet Explorer so that they can't be closed erroneously, as well as better support for FTP, which is patchy to say the least in IE7 and Vista.


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