Amazon Kindle devices are crashing Windows 10 PCs with the Anniversary Update

Kindle Paperwhite

Here's another thing to add to the list of problems that the Windows 10 Anniversary Update has caused: the Kindle Paperwhite and some other models are reportedly causing PCs to lock up when the device is plugged into a USB port.

Yes, it would seem that Microsoft has another fire to fight here, with another thread springing up on the company's forum full of Kindle users who are complaining about the issue which is causing a blue screen of death when Amazon's hardware is connected to their computer since the Anniversary Update.

Most folks are complaining about the Paperwhite, but there are also users saying the same thing is happening with other models such as the Oasis and Voyage.

The crash seems to be a rather flaky one in that it's happening to some folks and not others, and various workarounds have been suggested, but not all of them seem to work for everyone.

Any port in a storm

Some claim that the BSOD only happens when you plug the Kindle into a USB 3.0 port, and not a USB 2.0 port – so if you're suffering at the hands of this bugbear, you might want to try using the latter.

Others have suggested that plugging in the Kindle before the computer boots up avoids the crash, or indeed plugging it in while your laptop is sleeping. Of course, it's worth giving all these potential solutions a whirl, and hopefully you'll find something works until Microsoft gets round to patching this problem – apparently this is a driver issue on Redmond's side.

The list of problems caused by the Anniversary Update also includes PCs freezing up in general, Cortana disappearing, and webcams getting broken.

Via: The Register

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