The Windows 10 Anniversary Update doesn't get along well with webcams

Skype call
Can you still Skype?

If your webcam has stopped working since you installed the Windows 10 Anniversary Update then you're not alone - not by a long way.

As reported at, there could be millions of users affected. The latest OS update fundamentally changes the way webcams are allowed to stream video, and a lot of devices are freezing up and crashing as a result.

In theory, the change should've made your webcam more stable by restricting the number of possible streams, but the reality has been somewhat different. The popular Logitech C920 is one model affected.

I will fix you

According to a Microsoft engineer posting in the official support forums, a fix for the problem is on the way and will "hopefully" arrive in September. Until then you might have to do without your video calling.

If you're comfortable with a little bit of light registry editing then there is a temporary workaround you can try which should be enough to get you video chatting with friends, family and work colleagues again.

It's an embarrassing mess for Microsoft that interferes with functionality a lot of people rely on every day, although the company has told Gizmodo only "a small number" of users have been affected. Check out the official support thread for more tales of woe.

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