Tess Daly Pregnancy Diary iPhone app released

Though TV presenter Tess Daly is currently taking some discreet time off since certain indiscretions, a free iPhone app to accompany Tess' Baby Diaries book has been released.

The app will guide mothers through their pregnancy and the first six months of the baby's life, and lets parents keep notes in their diary and read similar notes from Tess, as well as offering helpful suggestions on what books to buy (Tess' own book featuring heavily).

The YouTube videos accompanying the apps include some remarkably prescient words about the current situation, as she tells the camera "your life as you know it goes out the window and it's all about this little tiny person" - probably summing up her opinion of her husband quite nicely.

Not big Vern?

Notably not announced was Vernon Kay's Text Diary, a continuing account of increasingly poor choices of mobile texting and general marriage etiquette followed by a guide to dealing with death threats and how to make public apologies sound convincing.

We're all for clever convergence of new media opportunities here at TechRadar, but we can't help but feel the release of this app might have been better saved for, well, any other week ever.

That goes double for releasing on iTunes, a platform with user-written reviews. The best one so far is: "while she was moving on to a chapter on morning sickness, Terry was scoring away from home". Ah yes, Vernon Terry, that great England centre-back/light entertainment host.