So far, Spotify is more popular than iTunes with Twitter Music users

So far, Spotify is more popular than iTunes with Twitter Music users
Twitter Music launched to the public on Thursday

Read into this what you will, but in the first 24 hours of its existence, figures suggest that slightly more people used Spotify than iTunes to enjoy tracks on the new Twitter Music service.

According to stats from Simply Measured, 11,984 people used the #NowPlaying hashtag to tweet Spotify links from the web or iOS app, compared with 11,612 shared #NowPlaying tweets linking to iTunes.

The third factor in this equation, the Rdio streaming service was a distant last, accounting for 3,457 tweets.

In total there were over 226,000 #NowPlaying tweets sent from Twitter Music during the first 24 hours, which the researchers claim is four times the amount of Vine videos posted during its first day.

But what does it mean?

The results are both surprising and unsurprising in somewhat equal measures.

iTunes previews can be accessed on Twitter Music freely, whereas users listening to full tracks must sign in to either their Spotify or Rdio account.

It either means that users don't have a problem with signing into those accounts in order to listen to entire songs, or they just don't consider a 30 seconds iTunes preview to be worthy of a #NowPlaying tweet.

How do you interpret the stats? Is it to early to be making any judgements? We found these figures quite interesting, but do you even care? Let us know in the comments section below.

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