Twitter Music app launches today for iOS and web

Twitter's Music app launches today for iOS and web
Music in 140 notes or fewer

Twitter #Music has hit the mainstream today, with the social network launching its music-finding app for iOS.

The Twitter-powered app hopes to help you find new music by recommending tracks based on who you follow, which you can sample through plugged-in music services Rdio, Spotify and iTunes.

The default setting will be iTunes, which will allow you to play 30 second previews of songs through the app, but if you subscribe to Rdio or Spotify you can log in to use those instead and get involved with the full track.

Recommendation stations

You'll be able to track what friends are listening to and see recommendations made by artists and bands you follow.

To a certain extent, the app will live and die by the people you follow. The Now Playing section shows you what music people you follow have tweeted, which kind of assumes you're following only like-minded people whose music tastes you're likely to share and who are likely to tweet about music.

Twitter Music

You can also navigate to see what music artists are following or see a particular profile from within the app which may prove more useful to those who use Twitter as a purely social network.

It's also going to show you the most popular tracks using trends, which may mean you're inundated with pop nonsense and satirical musical numbers depending on how many Beliebers are online and what current events are irking tweeters at the time.

And, of course, you can tweet any tracks you 'discover' through the app by rote.

The app is live in Apple's App Store now, while non-iPhone/iPad users can head to to get involved. Twitter promises that there will be an Android version 'soon'.

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