New York Times promises NYT Now app with abridged stories for mobile readers

New York Times promises NYT Now app with abridged stories for mobile readers
Like this, but with less news

The New York Times has announced a new mobile news app, offering subscribers a selection of hand picked, mobile-friendly shortened stories for a monthly fee.

The NYT Now app, which will launch "very soon" according to the paper, will be run by a dedicated staff who will be responsible for scaling down and abridging news content for a mobile audience short on time.

For all of those summarised reports, which are designed to keep users abreast on the biggest news of the day, the paper will ask the rather sizeable monthly fee of US$8 (or around £4.70, AU$ 8.82) a month.

As well as half-stories from the world's most famous newspaper, the NYT Now app will also collate other big stories from publications around the web. Don't worry though, it's curated by New York Times editors.


Apparently, it's not the unashamed rip-off that it sounds. Attendees at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas were informed that it's still around half the price of the $15 digital subscription to the New York Times.

It'll feature an ingenious scrollable interface, making the news easy to digest for those mobile users who want top quality journalism and are willing to pay for it, but, you know, just can't be bothered to read all of it.

According to two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter, the aptly-named Clifford Levy, it's like a "mini-newsroom for mobile. Don't forget that super-innovative "Save it for later" feature too!

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