Samsung Galaxy S21 could remove the expandable storage option

Samsung Galaxy S20
The Samsung Galaxy S20 series. (Image credit: Samsung)

As the rumored January 14 launch date for the Samsung Galaxy S21 draws ever closer, we're still getting leaked information about what to expect – and it sounds as though the S series will drop the expandable storage option this year.

Well-known tipster Roland Quandt has taken to Twitter to suggest that none of the S21 models are going to come with a memory card reader, even though all of the S20 phones gave users the option of slotting in a card to boost the storage capacity.

Support for expandable storage is something Samsung has gone back and forth with down the years, but it seems as though its time is now up. With built-in storage capacities rising, and cloud streaming services the norm, perhaps the thinking is that local storage is no longer as important as it once was.

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Still, it's a feature that a lot of smartphone buyers look for, even if it's not offered by the likes of the Apple iPhone and Google Pixel handsets. The feature can act as a safety net if you're about to reach the limit of the storage space on your smartphone.

About that bundled charger...

The saga of the bundled smartphone charger has taken another twist too, with Quandt also saying that "some markets might still get a charger [for the S21] in the box though, while others don't".

You might remember that Apple started the trend of making smartphone chargers optional extras, which has benefits for both the environment and company profit margins – which attracted some mocking from some of its competitors.

Now it looks as though those competitors are following suit, with Xiaomi and Samsung among those set to drop the bundled charger in 2021. If Quandt is right, certain markets might still get a Samsung Galaxy S21 charger in the box after all.

Most sources are pointing to a January 14 reveal for the Galaxy S21, and even the event invite has been leaked now. If expandable storage support is getting dropped, make sure you buy a model that has all the capacity you're going to need.

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