Wind-up Media Player from Trevor Baylis

The Eco Media Player is a wind-up MP3 player, video player, photo viewer, FM radio, voice recorder, audio recorder and mobile phone charger

A wind-up MP3 and video player is the latest environmentally conscious gadget from wind-up radio inventor Trevor Baylis.

The Trevor Baylis Eco Media Player EMP-MX71 is a multi-function media player that can be powered either by USB connection to PC, or by using wind-up power from a small crank handle on the back of the player. One minute of winding can deliver 40 minutes of playback.

The Eco Media Player EMP-MX71 features a multi-format digital music player, FM stereo radio, video player and photo viewer functions. It has a 1.8-inch colour LED screen and a mono loudspeaker, and comes with 2GB of internal memory plus support for swappable SD Cards.

The device can also record from external audio sources, and has a voice recorder function, saving files in MP3 format. It can double up as an emergency mobile phone charger, too, using supplied attachments, and has ebook viewer and LED torch functions.

The Eco Media Player EMP-MX71 supports MP3, WMA. ASF and WAV audio files, plus MP4 and other video formats. The device comes with a USB cable and USB 2.0 support so users can drag and drop files onto the media player from a PC.

The Eco Media Player EMP-MX71 is on sale now priced at £169.99.