Leyio's sharing pod baffles TechRadar

Leyio's latest ultrafast and secure filesharing pod has left us utterly baffled
Leyio's latest ultrafast and secure filesharing pod has left us utterly baffled

Leyio's new Personal Sharing Device (PSD) is like the ultimate USB stick. On steroids.

The 16GB filesharing pod is fingerprint protected, has a 128x128-pixel OLED screen (so you can view your files), a detachable USB connection and the option to shift your data to other Leyio owners at the flick of a wrist. Natch!

Leyio to Leyio files are transferred by Ultra Wide Broadband (UWB) at 10MBps so, according to the manufacturer "a 10MB personal movie file takes just a second to share, while photos, business cards and web links are almost instantaneous.

"Vibrate mode allows you to share discreetly, whether you're out and about or in the office," Leyio informs us, although we have to admit to being unsure as to when we would require such a discreet filesharing pod.

The release continues: "The Leyio also features the 'Shuttle': a 2GB flash memory stick, which detaches from the PSD and plugs into the USB port on your computer - another great way of sharing data in a way that's far more secure than a regular USB stick."

Who will buy?

"We identified that people were fast accumulating many different online profiles as well as digital files, such as photographs and home movies, and that people want to share this information quickly, but also securely," explains Bruno Maurel, CEO of Leyio.

"The Leyio PSD is a simple and fun way of carrying your digital life around with you and making it easily available to share with friends wherever you may be."

Leyio's latest uber USB pod is set to arrive in UK stores in April priced £159.

Other than naughty boys discreetly sharing their latest adult content with their mates in the office, TechRadar is utterly baffled as to who is going to spend that amount of money on this weird little gizmo, though somewhat strangely we cannot wait to try one out.

Intrigued? You can check out the demo video on the Leyio blog at www.leyio.com/uk

Adam Hartley