Toshiba showcases JournE Touch MID

Toshiba Journe Touch - sexy
Toshiba Journe Touch - sexy

Toshiba has announced the rather gorgeous looking 7-inch JournE Touch Mobile Internet Device designed for both home and portable use, which should arrive in time for Christmas.

The JournE Touch MID brings HDMI connectivity via an optional cradle and is designed, in Toshiba's words, to 'view and share videos, pictures, listen to music, browse the web and access social networking platforms – all from one mobile device'.

The device uses Microsoft's WinCE Pro embedded operating system, and is fully touchscreen.

"The JournE Touch has been designed to offer multiple uses for consumers – both on the move and around the home," said Toshiba.

"Small enough to be personal and big enough to share with others, the device is capable of fulfilling a number of applications, including everything from web browsing, IP radio and social networking, to image viewing and high definition video playback – and much, much more."

Toshiba journe touch

The screen has a resolution of 800x480 (and is 16:9) and has a contrast ratio of 300:1.

As an MID it has, as you may expect, plenty of connectivity including integrated Wi-Fi 802.11b/g wireless connectivity supporting WEP, WPA and WPA2.

The JournE Touch also offers support for 3.5G mobile web browsing using an external USB mobile dongle.

There's a rather measly 1GB of integrated flash memory, with an SD slot allowing up to 32GB more.

Toshiba journe touch

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