Samsung Gear 2 and Gear Fit finally get priced

Galaxy Gear 2
The Gear 2 is almost here. But is the price too high?

We're not expecting to see the Gear 2 and the Gear Fit until April but Samsung has already outed the prices, at least in Taiwan anyway.

At a recent press even the South Korean giant revealed that the Gear Fit will sell for 5,990 TWD, according to Taiwanese site ePrice, which equates to roughly £119 or $196, which isn't too bad if that price holds for the UK launch (bad news: it probably won't).

The Gear 2 might be a harder sell though, as it's set to retail for 8,990 TWD, or roughly £177 / $294. That's still not too bad given how feature packed the Gear 2 is. But once you add VAT it's likely that it will break the £200 mark here, which would be a bit harder to stomach, though that would still leave it nearly £100 cheaper than the starting price of the original Galaxy Gear.

Stiff competition

Whether they're worth the money is a tough call, especially with the multitude of other wearables on the way, not to mention the fact that the Gear range runs Tizen, which isn't hugely appealing given that Google's recently announced its own Android Wear OS.

Curiously there was no mention of the Gear 2 Neo, which in many ways looked like the most promising of the three new Gear devices. Lets just hope it's not been scrapped, as we really hope that the device (shorn as it is of a camera and extra weight) is probably the superior watch of the two.

James Rogerson

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