Nook pulls its ereaders and store from the UK

Nook pulls its ereaders from the UK

Plucky Nook has finally admitted defeat in the UK. Its parent company, US book giant Barnes and Noble, has confirmed it will be pulling its ereader series from our fair land on March 15.

It's not just the hardware which will making a dash for the border though, as the Nook Store, Nook Reading app for Android and the UK variant of the Nook website will also disappear on the same date.

That's a major kick in the teeth for current Nook owners, as it means you'll be suddenly cut off from support and the store where you purchase your books. There is a solution in the works, though.

Live well for less

Barnes and Noble has struck a deal with Sainsbury's, stating "Nook has partnered with award-winning Sainsbury's Entertainment on Demand to ensure that you have continued access to the vast majority of your purchased Nook Books at no new cost to you."

Head over to the Sainsbury's Entertainment site and a message welcomes Nook owners, which will hopefully put some minds at rest. "We are just putting the finishing touches to the process to allow us to transfer your eBooks and Nook account to Sainsbury's Entertainment. Nook will send you an email with more information very soon."

It's worth noting that the partnership is promising that you'll keep the "vast majority" of your books, which means there may be a few which disappear in the switchover. It's currently not clear whether you'll be reimbursed for your lost purchases.

Are you a Nook owner? Let us know how you feel about this news in the comments below.

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