New Creative MP3 player range by Christmas

John Moseley is the Marketing Manager at Creative UK. He has promised a range of new Creative MP3 players by years end.

Creative is preparing itself for a big six months, as it prepares to launch a whole new range of MP3 players in the second half of 2007.

Speaking to, Creative's UK Marketing Manager John Moseley said that last weeks launch of the iPod Shuffle-rivalling Creative Zen Stone was only the first in a whole new range of MP3 players to be released this year.

Moseley said that we can expect new players in all corners of the market, with a new flagship player to replace the Zen Vision:m possibly before Christmas.

He said: "There will be new products from Creative between now and Christmas at all levels of the MP3 market. Ranging from the entry level with the Zen Stone, all the way up to high end stuff that perhaps hasn't been seen before. We've got some really interesting stuff lined up to release between now and Christmas."

High end stuff

The "high end stuff that perhaps hasn't been seen before" part is what will be most interesting to many MP3 enthusiasts.

The Creative Zen Vision:m has been Creative's flagship MP3 player for nearly 18 months now, and while Apple gears up to release a touch-screen iPod, many Creative fans are hoping that the Singapore-based company will come up with something equally as cool.

"We've been working with the Zen Vision:m for 14 to 16 months now and it's a feature-rich product and we have been able to cement its place in the market. But any technology product is eventually going to be replaced."

Moseley was careful to not go into specific details about the new Creative MP3 player range. It seems the company wants to keep its cards firmly against its chest until it is ready to reveal its hand.

Moseley did however confirm that Creative is still working on putting its X-Fi (Xtreme Fidelity) audio upmixing technology into lots more consumer technology products in the near future. Those products include an X-Fi MP3 player as well as headphones, and "other living room technology products".

Back in March, learned from Darragh O'Toole, product group manager at Creative that Creative was working on an X-Fi MP3 player amongst other things.

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