Spotify app arriving on Windows Store is music to the ears of Windows 10 S

Microsoft has recruited another big-name application to bolster the rather thin ranks of the Windows Store, with the introduction of a Spotify app.

That means Windows 10 users can now benefit from an automatically-updated store app for Spotify, and moreover, so can those running Windows 10 S – and Windows Store apps are obviously particularly vital for the latter group of folks, because that’s the only software they can use.

The new app is available in all 60 countries where you can get Spotify, and is basically a direct port of the standard desktop client with all the same options, from custom playlists to intelligent suggestions of music you might like, along with both free and paying subscription options.

Note that Windows 10 users will need to be running at least the Anniversary Update or better for the Spotify app to be compatible.

Musically gifted

Early feedback from users on the Windows Store seems very positive, with an average rating of 4.5/5 stars. The one niggle folks are pointing to is that the new app doesn’t solve one of the gremlins that plagues the desktop version of the client – namely that music playback stops when the device’s screen gets turned off.

As we saw in a recent TechRadar interview, when Microsoft revealed that this Spotify app was in the pipeline, the company believes it can persuade more major players to bring their software to the Windows Store, using the carrot of there being over 500 million users of Windows 10 devices out there now.

And even more so following the recent launch of the Surface Laptop carrying Windows 10 S, Microsoft needs to ensure that more key apps come to the store so users don’t feel like they’re missing out on too much.

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