Samsung's super-small YP-U3 MP3 player

Samsung's colourful YP-U3 4GB flash MP3 players

Samsung (opens in new tab) has announced its new YP-U3 4GB flash MP3 player. The Samsung YP-U3 is smaller and almost a third lighter than the previous Samsung YP-U2 MP3 player. It weighs just 22.8g and measures 25.4mm.

The Samsung YP-U3 has a built in FM radio as well as 4GB of music storage. It plays MP3 and WMA files, and displays artist, song and album details on its small LED display. It can also be used as a digital voice recorder (the 4GB memory could store up to 33 hours of voice recording). And it can deliver audio playback for up to 15 hours between charges.

The Samsung YP-U3 can also be programmed to playback songs to match certain moods, as well as from regular playlists. It can hook up to a PC for downloading tracks via a retractable built in USB connector. And it's compatible with Samsung Media Studio PC software for easy track transfer.

The Samsung YP-U3 is being sold in five colours (black, white, pink, green and blue), with matching earbuds supplied.