Bang & Olufsen unveils a slew of pricey toys

Feast your eyes on the most expensive MP3 player on the US market

If you're looking to get the most expensive MP3 player on the market, look no further than the Bang & Olfusen BeoSound 6, which sports a $600 (£290) price tag.

According to the company, the high price on the device can be justified by its "very clear and pure CD sound quality, due to its high performance on signal to noise playback" when compared to existing devices.

The BeoSound 6 allegedly offers 40 hours of playback, and is cased in a stainless steel frame that sports a black soft-touch lacquered surface and a black scratch-proof glass display. Unfortunately, the display features a paltry 128x160 pixels.

More expensive goodies to boot

Of course, no MP3 player release would be complete without a host of devices to go along with it. According to Bang & Olufsen, a new wireless Bluetooth headset called EarSet 2 will work nicely with your handset or any other Bluetooth-equipped device.

The headset features two omni-directional microphones and a miniature speaker unit that is supported by air vents and a bass port. Much like the player, it's quite expensive - it will retail for $350 (£170).

And finally, if you want a loudspeaker in your home, the company has announced a device that can be attached to any desktop and connects via a mini-jack plug. The loudspeaker will set you back $1000 (£486).

Each of these high-priced devices will be available soon.