LG G Watch struts its stuff in first Android Wear hands on video

LG G Watch hands on video
How do I look in what I'm Android Wearing?

Sure, the circular Moto 360 is nabbing most of the praise and attention, but LG's smartwatch just became the first functional Android Wear device to be demoed in a hands on video.

The forthcoming LG G Watch isn't exactly ticking in the three minute video from German site AppDated. Instead, it's used to show what we can expect from its Google Now-powered interface.

Menu options include setting a timer, initiating an alarm clock, switching over to airplane mode and running through your schedule, all without pulling out a mobile phone.

The date and battery life percentage can be pulled down from the main clock menu in the same way you can check notifications on an Android smartphone.

LG G Watch still in beta

The LG G Watch appears to be a little larger than the Samsung Gear 2 and Gear Neo, and it's said to be heavier, too.

However, both the software and hardware were said to be in beta when it was shown off behind the scenes at this week's LG G3 launch event in London.

Expect to see the LG G Watch in its final form on June 25. That's when it and the Moto 360 are likely to take the stage at Google IO 2014.

Matt Swider