G-SHOCK 25 year anniversary

Casio G-SHOCK is 25 years young this week
Casio G-SHOCK is 25 years young this week

Casio is set to release a number of special edition watches to celebrate the G-Shock brand's 25th anniversary.

"In 1983, the first G-SHOCK watch, the DW 0C, was launched to the unsuspecting world," Casio informs us.

"Twenty-five years on and 2008 marks the 25th anniversary of the original G-SHOCK watch. To celebrate this event Casio has created some limited edition timepieces and reissued the very first G-SHOCK to be made by Casio. These classic yet contemporary designs have been launched for only a limited period."

Careful, don't drop that...

Casio claims the G-SHOCK watch is "so tough you could drop it onto concrete from a height of 10 metres; strap it to the wheel of a trail bike and take it for a spin; or even use it as an ice hockey puck!"

We'll reserve judgement on that until we've tried all three for ourselves! In the meantime, check out the new Spike Lee inspired watches that are part of the 25th anniversary range.

While you are there, we also urge you to take a look at the 'G Lide' watch – a timepiece developed with surfers in mind, so the shaded area under the wave curve represents current tidal movements, while the un-shaded area of the moon graph indicates the visible portion of the moon (with the necessary data based upon the user's specific home city setting, longitude and lunar tidal interval).

Adam Hartley