Alcatel Idol X+ may arrive with smartwatch and smart bracelet in tow

Does TCL have a smartwatch and smart bracelet up its sleeve?
That's some good maths there, guys

The successor to the Alcatel Idol X might be joined by a couple of wearable pals if the latest rumours are anything to go by.

The new handset, currently going by the name Alcatel Idol X+, will reportedly run on MediaTek's flashy new eight-core MT6592 processor.

But in an image on Chinese site MTKSJ, the silhouette of the handset appears sandwiched between a smartwatch and what appears to be a smart bracelet or fitness tracker of sorts.

We do have to throw a fair bit of doubt on the image though – that bracelet looks an awful lot like a Fitbit Force, and the watch is a little Galaxy Gear in our opinion.

Smart move?

That's not to say it's all Photoshop lies, but we don't reckon that these are actual representations of the final products, should anything emerge.

If it weren't for the huge number of companies getting in on this market right now then we'd probably be a little more skeptical. But anyone who's anyone has big plans for wearable tech these days, so it makes sense for TCL, the company that owns Alcatel, to join in as well.

We're expecting the Alcatel Idol X+to come with a 5-inch full HD display, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal memory and a 13-megapixel rear camera.

As for a possible smartwatch, we'd bet money on that running Android too.