AKG quietly launches new K490 NC and K495 NC headphones

Perfect for zoning out on the commute

AKG has announced two new sets of premium noise-cancelling headphones – the K490 NC and K495 NC which both feature USB charging.

USB charging promises to cut down your battery bill and make juicing up as easy as finding the nearest computer, set-top box or wall adapter.

The two models are clearly looking to give off a premium vibe. Each comes with its own carry case and the top end K495 NC has more metal in it the the K490 NC, though don't let that affect your music selection.

A single charge will provide 40 hours of battery life so even if you're prone to a marathon silent disco session the beats will keep coming all night.

All quiet on the Westwood front

Importantly, both will still function without noise cancelling when the battery goes flat. A welcome feature that the eminent Dr.Dre frustratingly forgot to include in his Beats range.

In terms of performance, both offer 50mW maximum power output and a 20Hz-20kHZ frequency output.

Designed to be travel-friendly a "3D-axis2" folding mechanism means they pack down into a less cumbersome format so you're less likely to rip off an earcup as you pull them out of a bag.

Both pairs of headphones are out now, and like most sound quashers are more expensive than the average pair. The K490 NC is on sale for £299.99 while the top end K495 NC is yours for £299.99.

via T3.com