Porsche 718 EV plans revealed, but don't expect Porsche 911 to go electric soon

Porsche 718 car driving
(Image credit: Porsche)

The Porsche 718 is a terrific car with world-class handling and power. The car is about to take a big step forward, however, as Car and Driver reports that Porsche will electrify the 718 from 2025 on, and notes that it will gain an all-wheel drive option for the first time ever. Unless plans change, the new 718 should launch in 2024 and land in the United States for the 2025 model year.

Even though the move to electric, the 718 lineup will remain the same, in that there will still be Boxster and Cayman versions of the car. As Car and Driver points out, the Boxster will most likely keep a cloth top instead of a folding hardtop or fixed roof, and the new cars will be similar in appearance to the current model with a new front end.

The Porsche Mission R concept seen at the IAA show in Munich may be a good indication of what we’ll see out of the next 718, although the road-going car will be far less aggressive in appearance.

Weight is a concern with EVs of all types, but it’s an even bigger point of worry for a car with such legendary handling and balance as the 718. Porsche has apparently already addressed this concern internally, as C&D reports that its internal weight target is under 3,650 pounds.

Porsche 718 car in red

The current Porsche 718 in red (Image credit: Porsche)

Entry-level 718 models will continue to be priced well below the 911 and will come with a rear motor. More powerful models will gain a front motor, which will bring all-wheel drive to the cars for the first time. The car is expected to get a single-speed drive unit as well, and Porsche’s range target is at least 250 miles per charge.

The electrified Porsche 718 EV will be offered with a range of power options, as the current cars are, but the top models’ horsepower will push into the 911’s backyard. The conflict is apparently less of a concern, since the two models will be powered by different fuel sources.

The electrification of the 718 is exciting, but it won’t translate to other icons in the Porsche catalog. The 911 will continue on with an internal combustion engine through at least 2030 and there may not even be a hybrid option for the car after that.

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