Nikon D400 and D600 on the way?

Nikon D800
Will the Nikon D800 soon be joined by another full-frame Nikon SLR?

Rumours that there will soon be a Nikon D400 seem to be gathering momentum with sightings of a D400 book for pre-order. Called Magic Lantern Genie Guides: Nikon D400, the book is claimed to be authored by Simon Stafford.

According to Stafford, "the posting found on Amazon, as reported by Nikon Rumours, is erroneous".

Sterling Publishing has issued the following statement, "Due to an internal systems error, the Magic Lantern Genie Guides book with ISBN 978-1454707820 was mistakenly listed with a fictitious model name: the D400. This was a dummy title that never should have fed out to booksellers, and neither Simon Stafford nor Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. have any knowledge of such a camera model."

Nikon D600

We are also starting to hear rumours of a full-frame camera that is more affordable than the D800, perhaps intended to replace the D700 and thought to be called the D600.

According to Nikon Rumors, the D600 is set to be released this summer and although the pixel count is unknown, the camera will slot neatly into position as Nikon's entry-level FX (full-frame) SLR with auto DX cropping enabling existing Nikon users with cameras such as the D5100 and D7000 to mount their DX lenses.

Other rumoured high-end features include dual SD card slots, in-camera raw editing, built-in time-lapse recording and possibly even integral GPS functionality. However, there are suggestions that there will be no in-camera HDR feature, which seems a little odd given that this is found in Nikon's high-end DX format SLRs as well as the company's recently announced D800.

Full-frame or APS-C?

Earlier speculation suggested that the D400 might be a full-frame camera, but in the light of the D600 rumours it seems more likely that it will be an APS-C or FX format camera to replace the now rather aged Nikon D300S.