Hands on: Sony Cybershot WX5 and TX9 review

Sony WX5 and TX9 - 3D ready
Sony WX5 and TX9 - 3D ready

When it comes to 3D, Sony is one company which has wholeheartedly embraced the technology across its whole range of goods.

Not only are its TVs packed with the technology (well its LX9000 range is, on the other tellies it is an optional extra), 3D has come to the PS3 through a firmware update and 3D functionality has also come to the NEX-3 and 5 also via a software fix.

Sony's latest range of Cybershots are coming to the market with 3D inside. The WX5 and TX9 use the technology as part of the cameras' Sweep Panorama mode.

Switch to the 3D version of this mode and you will be able to play back the image on your 3D ready Sony screen. The results are, well, interesting. The main problem is adjusting your eyes to the fact that you are looking at a still image slowly panning and not moving footage.

While foreground images poke out of the screen and the background does have depth don't expect your shots to resemble something akin to an Avatar experience. There's a lot of jitter.

Sony wx5

For those who don't yet have a 3D TV (and we're guessing there's a few out there) you can get the 3D effect from the camera's screen. Move it side to side and the image creates a lenticular effect – Sony is calling it Sweep Multi Angle. It's not as fun as on the big screen but it still looks pretty good.

Sony tx9

The WX5 and TX9 do feel like the start of a very long journey for Sony and 3D on its camera range, with the company telling TechRadar that there will be more Cybershots with 3D capabilities to come.

We're hoping that when they do, the tech is tweaked enough to make the 3D impress rather than look like a gimmicky add-on.

Sony tx9

Moving away from 3D and the Wx5 and TX9 are more than capable cameras. The TX9 is the thinnest of the two, packing 4x optical zoom, HD movie, 3.5-inch LCD and background defocus.

Background defocus is the camera's way of faking things you can do with a DSLR. While it's not perfect, it is a good substitute.

Sony wx5

The touchscreen controls of the TX9 are impressive and the fact that it has 12.2MP sensor means that shots are punch and clear.

While it doesn't quite offer Full HD, the fact you can shoot 1080i with the camera means that your 2D movies will look pretty special.

Sony tx9

Although chunkier, the WX5 has the same sensor and a better 5x optical zoom. The lens is more refined too. With Sony opting to add a 24mm wide angle G Lens to the camera.

The LCD on the back is smaller than the TX9 at 2.8 inches, but it is still clear. Controls are done with a traditional mode dial – this is no bad thing considering touchscreen tech on cameras has a lot of catching up to do if it wants to be anywhere near the smartphone market.

Sony wx5

Both the WX5 and the TX9 have a UK release date of September, with pricing to be announced.

But what may first look like a bargain – free turn-by-turn navigation! – can turn out to be a bit of a 'mare, with hidden data costs and power hungry GPS sapping the life out of even the toughest of phone batteries.

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