Fuji officially announces M-mount adapter

Fuji M Mount adapter
Fuji's new M Mount adapter allows Leica optics to be used with the X Pro1

After announcing it was working on an adapter at CES in January, Fuji has officially announced the Leica M-mount device.

The adaptor enables the Fujifilm X Pro1, the company's first compact system camera to be used with Leica M mount lenses, or those built to M mount specification.

Fuji says that the adapter has been designed to ensure the best possible results can be achieved from the lenses and the body, and has been crafted with precision engineering.

Three parts comprise the adapter, an aluminium mount for the body, a stainless steel mount for the lens, plus an aluminium central tube. This enables a 27.8mm distance from the lens mount to the sensor, which Fuji says is paramount for delivering high quality images.


On the camera side of the adapter, an array of electronic connections automatically pass information to the X Pro1 based on pre-registered lens profiles. This allows users to access the settings menu on the rear LCD.

The hybrid X Pro 1 viewfinder, which combines an optical and electronic device can be used with M-Mount lenses attached.

Users can create lens profiles via the X-Pro1's Mount Adapter Settings menu, with room for up to six to be saved. Four presets are already included.

These settings can be user defined to combat distortion, peripheral illumination and colour shading problems.

The Fujifilm M Mount adapter price will be around £179 (roughly $280), and it will be available from the end of June.

Amy Davies

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