Verizon explains lack of Google Wallet in letter to FCC complainer

Google Wallet
Who's to blame?

After more than a year of customer vexation, it looks like Verizon has finally explained why users on its network are unable to access Google Wallet.

After filing a complaint with the FCC, XDA Developers forum user josh995 on Saturday claimed to have received a response letter from Idalia Charles of Verizon's executive relations.

In the letter, Charles explained exactly why Verizon blocks Google Wallet - or rather, why Google Wallet can't be used on Verizon's network, laying the blame squarely on Google.

Charles even suggested ways that Google might be able to set things right.

Google should fall in line, says Verizon

Charles alleged in the letter that reports of Verizon "blocking" Google Wallet are "inaccurate," as Verizon doesn't prevent the app from being downloaded on its network.

"However, for the devices that Verizon distributes, markets and subsidizes, the Google Wallet may not work to the extent that it requires integration with the device's 'secure element,'" Charles wrote.

"Google Wallet is different from other widely-available m-commerce services in that it requires integration with this 'secure element,'" she continued.

"Google Wallet does not simply access the operating system and basic hardware of our phones, like thousands of other applications."

The letter goes on to rather smugly suggest that "Google is free to offer its Google Wallet application in a manner that doesn't require integration with the secure element," or, alternately, "launch devices on Verizon's network with Google Wallet included."

The vexation continues

Verizon's excuses ring rather lame, considering that Google Wallet works fine on other carriers, including MetroPCS and Sprint (though perhaps not for long).

And why make a point of saying that Verizon doesn't block installation of Google Wallet, only to explain why Verizon blocks the actual function of Google Wallet?

News that Google Wallet wouldn't work on Verizon devices first broke over a year ago, when Verizon's plans for a rival mobile payment scheme seemed to blame.

Unfortunately, Verizon's latest explanation has done little to assuage those suspicions.

TechRadar asked Verizon for comment on the letter, but the carrier has yet to respond.

Via XDA Developers

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